Menopause is when you have spent 12 months without your menstrual cycles. Women differ in age in regards to menopause; some reach it at age 40 and some at age 50. Average age in the United States is 51. Menopause is considered as a biological natural process. Symptoms are physical or emotional and may consist […]

Reasons I Stopped Eating Cheese


A number of years ago, I read a statement, which was written by a lady who died in 1915. Her name was Ellen G. White, and she said cheese was not fit for human consumption. I dismissed the statement because I thought it was made because the process for making cheese was not sterile. Recently, […]

Stop Alzheimer’s Disease! Here’s How

Considered the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease is estimated to effect at least 6.7 million people who reside in the United States. Women have a lifetime risk of Alzheimer development  of 1 in 5 and men have a lifetime risk of 1 in 10.  Researchers are still exploring gender risk correlates. Emerging theories […]